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Cuida tu cuerpo, mantenlo sano por dentro y se notará por fuera. Y para ayudarte a cuidarlo te ofrecemos ligeras cremas corporales ecológicas que te nutren, suaves óleos olorosos, refrescantes bálsamos bio para aliviar el cansancio de tus pies o reconfortantes ungüentos para tus articulaciones, todo es posible, solo pruébalo.
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Basic cream for everyday use after your shower to repair dry, irritated or damaged skin. This fluid milk with a fresh  lavender aroma goes...

NUEVA FÓRMULA. Y es que solo pronunciar el nombre ya dan ganas de comérsela . Y claro que te la comerás, con la piel. Untándotela por todo el...
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After-sun. Mousse balsámico corporal para aplicar después de tomar el sol o hidratar tu piel todo el año. Su secreto: la combinación de...
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El exfoliante corporal todo terreno, con textura en gel, que hará las delicias de tu estresada piel. Aceite de frambuesa para nutrir, hueso de...

This light emulsion is extremely refreshing . It should always be applied upwards from the ankle. You’ll immediately note that it reduces the...

For the first time, I’m prepared to say that this blend of oils is 100% effective , hence its name. I don't know of any pregnant women who have...

Does this anti-cellulite cream really work? I get asked this every time a customer wants to buy it. They want you to say yes, that in 10 days, the...

One of the staples in our catalogue, this cream has the best reviews and sales of them all. It’s also one of our first recipes. 100ml y 50ml.

VENUS ACEITE PRECIOSO , aceite exquisito y sensual para pecho y escote . Basado en las propiedades del aceite de coco, la centella asiática,...

Imagine spreading an exquisite vegetable butter over your entire body , rubbing and massaging your skin with this sweet ointment fragranced with...

Orange blossom bath salts : feel the delicate aroma of orange blossom on your skin and enjoy a moment of relaxation. 200gr

Lavender bath salts : exquisite relaxing salts to add to your bath water. They’ll help you forget about stress . 200gr

Rose bath salts : the most feminine aroma, to balance out your emotions and stimulate your sensuality. 200ml

Are you looking for a deodorant that won’t irritate your skin, that is aluminium free and that protects you all day? You’ve just found it. 50ml

In its purest form. We offer you this unique and valuable ingredient just as it came into the world. First cold pressed by hand, in the...

Tenemos una solución natural para mejorar la piel atópica de tu hijo. Para que no se pase todo el día con la piel como una lija y rascándose sin...

This is an essential in your medicine cabinet. You can’t do without it because you can use it for everything. 15ml y 50ml.

Arnica is a mountain plant that grows at high altitudes and it has always been the anti-inflammatory plant par excellence . With pain-relieving...

Just hearing the word “relaxation” makes my mouth water as I think about that state of pleasure and tranquillity that I so need . I guess the...

When I talk about this soap, it always makes me think of Cleopatra beautifying her skin by bathing in donkey milk. Humans have always used milk...

Are you someone who likes to take a relaxing shower before bed? It really is a pleasure to get home, tired from work, sweaty and stressed out and...

Our most summery and refreshing soap . On a hot summer’s day, who doesn’t like waking up in the morning and taking a cold shower to energise them...

Discover how easy it is to clean and disinfect your skin while forgetting about those animal odours that your body generates. That’s what this...

Put your hand up if you don’t like your skin feeling smooth and silky, like touching velvet with your fingertips. No one? In that case, you...

This nourishing and toning soap is suitable for face and body. It’s a winter soap that’s warming for the soul. 100gr

Este barro mineral regenerador, limpia la piel en profundidad y aporta todos los minerales necesarios. Utilizadlo como una mascarilla mezclado...

Hombres del mundo, este es un pack que no podéis dejar de regalarle a vuestras preciosas mujeres. Un aceite exquisito y sensual para pecho y...
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