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Natural Baby Oil - Cosmética Ecológica

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Organic massage oil. With almond, chamomile and avocado oil, 100% organic and unperfumed, because the baby doesn’t need anything else.

125ml y 250ml.

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Organic massage oil.

Nothing is as tender as a naked baby during their first months of life. Their skin is soft, rosy, smooth and almost transparent, inviting to the touch. It’d be almost a sin to break this harmony by applying aggressive products that the baby still doesn’t need.

During the early months, it’s important not to alter the natural development of their skin. You have to let the acid mantle form, the protective bacterial flora establish itself and the immune system develop.

So, once again, we apply the less-is-more approach. That’s why we’re offering you this body oil made with just three ingredients: almond, chamomile and avocado oil, 100% organic and unperfumed, because the baby doesn’t need anything else.

Give your baby a good massage from head to toe before you bath them. The practice of infant massage can be traced back to ancient civilisations, where touching, caressing and holding the baby is just as important as feeding them.

When you put your baby in the warm water, their skin will already be protected and the oil will clean them. When you take them out, their skin will have absorbed the oil, so it won’t stain your towels, and it will be soft and supple.

Good enough to eat!


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