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You requested it and here you have it: a sunscreen with higher protection, which is more fluid and more eco-friendly, as well as being free from nanoparticles! What more could you possibly ask for?

Protects the skin against UVA and UVB.


Beauty tips
  • Ideal for pale skin or longer sun exposure.

Puntuaciones y opiniones de nuestros clientes
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Organic cream with sun protection

If you're here, it's because you're looking for a higher protection, because medium isn't enough, as you like to be more protected and feel safer so you don't have to worry about sunbathing on the beach. Watch out! Take care in the midday sun, we highly recommended you stay out of the sun at this time.

In any case, this cream is the one for you, and here is why:

  • It contains mineral filters only, more specifically zinc oxide, (because perhaps you're not convinced by titanium dioxide), which reflects and disperses UVA and UVB sunrays.
  • It's thick and should be applied by massaging outwards because if you try to apply with circular movements, the filter won't be spread to the back.
  • It won't make your skin look white, it's easy to apply, and is fluid, leaving your skin feeling nourished. You can barely notice it once it has been properly rubbed in, but you do need to rub it in.
  • It is eco-friendly, of course, made from 90% organic ingredients, it's the sunscreen with the most organic ingredients on the market! The rest of the ingredients are the filter and other vegetable substances, completely chemical free.
  • It's bio-degradable, so you can apply it guilt-free, as you won't be contributing to the destruction of the marine eco-system.
  • It has high protection, which is great for protecting the whole family for a day at the beach. Although we do recommend re-applying every 3 hours because when you sweat, or if you go swimming, or you rub yourself, the cream will disappear.
  • It has some amazing ingredients, which are full of anti-oxidants, as well as helping to hydrate your skin while you tan, so you can tan without burning. 

And remember that a higher protection doesn't protect you more than a medium protection, it just protects you for longer. 

How I use it
  • Apply a generous layer to all areas where your skin will be exposed to the sun. Re-apply every two hours.

How to store it
  • Although we know it's difficult, try to keep it in the shade, as it's made from fresh ingredients, which may go bad over time. Always check the best-before date.

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Puntuaciones y opiniones de nuestros clientes

La compré en Planeta Huerto y fatal. Mi hijo de 4 año se quemó los hombros y la cara en menos de 3 horas de sol a ratos y se extiende fatal
Para tener el 5 debería ser menos densa. Entonces sería perfecta porque por lo demás, huele bien, dura bastante y protege bien.
No me gusta nada. Muy pastosa y de muy difícil aplicación. Te deja la piel absolutamente blanca. Da igual que nos frotemos bien, deja mancha
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