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Argan and Shea Butter - Cosmética Ecológica

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Imagine spreading an exquisite vegetable butter over your entire body, rubbing and massaging your skin with this sweet ointment fragranced with chocolate and mandarin? This is a pleasure that everyone should try at least once in their lives.


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Natural cosmetics online, to take care of the driest areas of your skin.

Thanks friends of Africa for bringing the world another valuable fruit! Traditionally, you would prepare this by hand, by grinding and beating the precious main ingredient. The product? Shea butter.

It’s called butter because, at room temperature, it’s solid fat. But from 25–30 °C, it moves into a semi-liquid state, and will turn entirely to liquid if the temperature continues to rise. So, in summer, don’t be surprised if the texture changes a bit. That’s a sign of quality.

This butter, used as sunscreen by African women:

  • Penetrates the skin and makes it extremely smooth

  • It stimulates cell renewal

  • Creates a barrier on the skin that prevents dehydration

In this formula, we have added argan oil and wheat germ to make it even richer.

Is there anyone who still hasn’t tried it?


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Puntuaciones y opiniones de nuestros clientes

Es fantástica para los talones y codos, desde la primera aplicación quedan suaves. Además huele muy bien.
100% recomendable. Todo el verano sin durezas en los talones solamente utilizando este producto
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